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BLOG: How To Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

Jaime Rose Chambers is a Dietician and Nutritionist, so is no stranger to watching her clients make (and break) resolutions. Here are her tips to help you get (and stay) on the #healthy bandwagon this year. 

“I’m going to get healthier! I’m going to stop drinking so much! I’m going to get fit! I’m going to lose 5kg!”

New Year’s Resolutions come with grand intentions. The start of a new year is a brilliant time to press the ‘refresh’ button and start with a shiny, new, healthy habit. However, as many resolutions as we’ve all made over many years, less than 10% of us actually keep them. That’s because most resolutions are based on changes in our behaviour and these take a little more effort than just the turn of a new year. 

So here are a few tips to sticking to those resolutions, whatever they happen to be:

     1. To change an unhealthy habit, you have to replace it with a healthy habit.

Take “I’m going to get fit” for example. Start by looking at what is stopping you from being ‘fit’ in the first place. If it’s that you go to bed too late so you find it hard getting up to exercise in the morning, then a healthy behaviour change might be to make sure you’re in bed an hour earlier.

     2. Start small.

Saying “I’m going to get healthier” can be a huge undertaking and quite overwhelming. Identify the things that you feel are stopping you from being healthy and target them just one at a time. It might be that you succumb to a 3pm chocolate bar each day. Start by bringing your own healthy snack from home to replace that choccy bar.

     3. Build on already good habits.

If your resolution is to stop drinking so much, look at what good habits you already have with alcohol. It might be that you already don’t drink from Sunday to Wednesday. To build on this habit you could try cutting out drinking on a Thursday as well. Also, by simply cutting down from say 2 drinks to just 1 when you do drink means you still get to enjoy a drink but you’re halving your alcohol intake.

     4. Keep practicing.

Establishing new habits take time. If you mess up, just get straight back on the bandwagon and keep at it. There will come a point where that morning exercise regime, that healthy snack from home or that one glass of wine will become so involuntary you wont even realise you’re doing it!


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