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NEWS: Lee Holmes new book Supercharge your Gut available now

Eat your way to lifelong gut health, increased energy and happier moods in just two days a week with Lee Holmes’ ninth book as part of the Supercharged book series-  Supercharge Your Gut

You’ll discover a deeper insight into your body’s most influential part; learn about the effect the gut has on your emotions, immune system, weight, sleep, hormones and even your thyroid levels; and have a better understanding of SIBO, FODMAPs and histamine intolerances.

Filled with 100+ nutritious and delicious gut-friendly recipes, including Turmeric Scrambled Eggs for breakfast; a Warm Green Bowl for lunch; Apple Cider Gummy Bears for afternoon tea, a Thai Fish Curry for dinner and Turmeric Fudge for dessert, Lee’s simple plan is the tool-kit you need to make your insides flourish.

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