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NEWS: Dean Ipaviz partners with REA and Bankwest for the Unfinished Projects Campaign

In this three-part series building and sustainability expert Dean Ipaviz partnered with Bankwest and Realestate.com.au to transform the unfinished home of one Australian couple. “Unfortunately when renovating, a lot of people get caught out focusing on the end goal and what the project is going to look like, and they forget about a lot of unexpected hidden costs” said Dean.

Dean’s team of builders at Verdecon tackled three unfinished spaces – the bathroom, laundry and backyard the couple couldn’t complete themselves. The incredibly successful series ran on realestate.com.au’s platform and was a highlight of the brands branded content strategy.

Mark Roppolo executive manager of content and production stated  “We’ve had really strong success already, one of our highlights has been our Bankwest campaign Unfinished Projects. We’ve got amazing results there with 200,000 article views and 550,000 video views across various sites. We are thrilled with it because it’s good, solid native content that gives the consumer something back but also drives both our brands at the same time.”