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NEWS: Dr Joanna McMillan partners with VOOME to launch Healthy Families Program

Congratulations to Dr. Joanna McMillan on the launch of her Healthy Families program in partnership with Voome.

Healthy Families is a four-week program designed to take the fuss out of eating as a family, making meal times less stressful – which is often the case when trying to cook something everyone will love!

The program includes dinners for the whole family and breakfasts and lunches just for you. There is a weekly shopping list with every ingredient you’ll need, along with weekly education videos from Dr. Jo herself where she shares all her tips and tricks to get your kids eating healthily.

As well as a customised healthy eating plan, you’ll receive a four-week workout plan you can do at home, or outdoors – no equipment necessary.

For more information on the program visit https://www.voome.com.au/programs/healthy-families/

If you’re interested in learning more about Dr Joanna, click here.