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NEWS: Dr Nikki Goldstein is encouraging women to know their contraceptive options in MSD awareness campaign launch

A new study by commissioned by MSD Australia found almost one in five young women have experienced an unintended pregnancy. Unfortunately with contraceptives, ‘there is no perfect option’, however woman do have choices lie anything in life.

Dr Nikki Goldstein has partnered with MSD as part of an integrated social media, content and media campaign to  empower and educate women about making the right contraceptive choice, bringing awareness to help people understand there are most options than just the pill. 

‘I’m not dissing the pill, but because of movies and TV and things, lots of women think it’s their only option and so go into the doctor and say: “I want the pill”. ‘In fact, it might not be the right option for that woman there and then. It would help if young Australians educate themselves better.”

As part of the partnership, Dr Nikki Goldstein is encouraging people to visit https://www.contraceptivematch.com.au , a website designed to help people learn more about what’s right for their personal circumstances.

‘Have a look online, at a site like Contraceptive Match, before you go to the doctor, and have a read of everything available. It’s possible for you to then have an informed discussion about your various choices.

‘We talk about body confidence and we’re happy to put ourselves out there on Instagram, but we don’t know anything about a fundamental – our sexual health,’ she said.

‘This conversation needs to begin now.’