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NEWS: Laura Vissaritis releases new podcast ‘Dognitive Therapy’

Congratulations to our favourite animal behaviourist , Laura Vissaritis, on the release her new podcast Dognitive Therapy! 

Each episode, Laura V will chat with experts and dog lovers alike about the connection between humans and our canine pals and how understanding our own behaviour will help us understand theirs. 

With heartwarming stories and practical tips, this series will change the way you see your dog and might even change the way you see yourself.

We cannot wait for this series and if you have any doubts about just how fabulous this will be, check out these reviews!

Love the emotion  – by SonicmeHedgeBro

I have tears. Must listen. Lots of emotion here and good advice.

Beautiful – by davezed

What a wonderful show. Beautiful stories and great information I can use for my pup.

Listen to the trailer here. You can catch episodes of Dognitive Therapy from 3 December from Podcast One  For more information about Laura, click here. Or for opportunities to work with her, contact us here