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NEWS: The Lifestyle Suite’s Mumbrella360 Panel Session Now Available to Watch Online

Earlier this year The Lifestyle Suite’s Director and Founder Simone Landes spoke on the panel ‘Influencers, Experts, Celebrities: Who’s Really Endorsing Your Brand?’ at Mumbrella360 that explored the in’s and outs of working on expert & influencer canpaigns and their relationships with brands and agencies.

Among many points, Simone spoke to how you can achieve the greatest success for your campaign:

“Where we see the greatest success, particularly working with experts, is where someone comes to us with a brief and then we work with them on refining that brief. The people that we are working with, yes they are in the media, but a large number of them are clinicians – so they are in practice every day. That doctor is going to have a better understanding of the audience that you are trying to talk to. So getting them involved in that brief process early – means that they can help inform that brief and really give some insights into that audience that you are trying to talk to and that’s where we see the greatest success.”

If you couldn’t make it on the day we recommend you check out the full video of the session which is now available here. A must watch for anyone in the industry who is engaging influencers, experts or celebrities for their business.