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Tokyo qualifier, Jo Brigden-Jones is one of Australia's top sprint kayakers and has been for nearly two decades. She’s also working on the COVID frontline as a qualified paramedic.

Since 2004, Jo has represented Australia every year in international competitions all around the world. One of Australia’s most versatile paddlers (she races all sprint distances – 200m, 500m & 1000m in all boat classes – K1, K2 & K4) she has competed at numerous World Championship and World Cup events and at the 2012 London Olympics. A previous World Champion, she also holds multiple World Cup medals and 40 Australian National Titles.

After a successful 2020 domestic season of racing, Jo is one of the first athletes to be named on the Australian Olympic Team. Whilst the Games have been postponed until July 2021, Jo remains committed to her training in the lead up to the Games splitting her time between the water and her important work as a paramedic in Sydney.

Perseverance, resilience, commitment – these are the words that describe Jo. Having competed since 2004, she’s the first to admit it hasn’t been all fun and games. She’s suffered numerous injuries, requiring reconstructions on both her left and right shoulders and narrowly missed out on the Rio Olympics after years of training. But she’s back and ready to take on the world….literally.

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