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Laura V is Australia’s most loved and trusted animal behaviourist.  

She holds qualifications in Psychology from Yale and Monash University, as well as a Bachelor of Animal Science and postgraduate studies in Education. To Laura, dog training isn’t about dogs; it’s about people.

Today her philosophy – dognitive therapy – helps dogs by training not just them, but their owners too.

Laura features regularly on our TV screens. She’s appeared on The Project & Studio 10 several times, as well as across a number of broadcast networks and is the go-to professional to comment on breaking news related to animal behaviour and dog attacks.

She hosts a weekly pet behaviour segment on Fairfax Media’s news talk radio 3AWand frequently features other stations including Fox, Triple M, ABC and Gold stations. Laura is also a successful author, and her third book The Rescue Dog, was recently published by Penguin Books.

Laura V is available for media and PR opportunities, TV and radio presenting, writing, corporate speaking and brand partnerships.

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