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Key Resources to support you during the COVID-19 crisis and in the weeks and months ahead.

COVID-19 has brought with it an unprecedented level of uncertainty and with it a raft of health challenges and impacted priorities. With lives at risk, we hope things improve quickly. In the meantime, we know that The Lifestyle Suite and our experts have a key role to play. As always, here at TLS, our aim is to keep you informed and reassured. As we have always done, we will continue to support you to deliver evidence-based, expert-led messages in clear and easily digestible formats. 

Below a list of resources including those of the World Health Organization and key government agencies to help you to stay up to date with the latest developments. To complement these resources, you’ll also find key links to online and broadcast outlets featuring our TLS experts.

We are also thrilled to bring you a series of editorial and podcast content produced by our inhouse team featuring our experts and contemplating the latest health information being received. We will complement these initiatives with a series of live virtual events featuring our experts – stay tuned for further updates to access these events.   

Click on the tiles below to access the relevant resources!


These resources have been created for a general audience. Should you wish to create content specific to your own audience or teams, please reach out to us as hello@thelifestylesuite.com or phone us at (02) 9327 6277.