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BLOG: Top Tips for Your Next Expert /Influencer Campaign

One. Understand your Audience

As with any kind of marketing activity, understanding your audience is key. Before you can even consider your campaign strategy, engaging an expert or developing a creative concept, you first need to understand who you are trying to target. Let an understanding of your key market and marketing intention inform the best expert or talent to partner with. 


Two. Get in Touch Early

It’s never too early to reach out to an agency and start discussing ideas on how you can work together – the very best ideas are generally borne out of a strong collaboration. That’s especially true when working with talent agencies with regards to their talent because typically no one (outside of the talent of course) will know their strengths better than those that represent them. Working with an expert and their agency early in the piece can help shape what the key messages should look like and how they’ll best translate for your intended audience.


Three. Consider the type of talent you should be using for your campaign. 

Whilst influencers do a great job of amplifying your message, it’s experts that can be relied on to educate. The experts you engage for your campaigns should carry a strong knowledge of your subject matter and be a trusted source of credible evidence-based information that relates to your business/product. Particularly in the area of medicine and health, brands and businesses have a responsibility and a duty of care to communicate accurately with their audience. The upside is that if you pick the right expert, someone who is trusted and well credentialed, they’ll have that knowledge already and will know better than anybody what will resonate with your audience.


Four. Clear Brief 

We can’t tell you how many stories we hear from clients about previous campaigns that have completely missed the mark. Whilst there are often a number of factors at play, some of them unavoidable, most of these campaigns can be traced back to one or two things:  

One – From the outset, a lack of clarity as to the intended outcomes of the campaign; and  

Two – A brief that keeps on shifting. Fundamentally a clear brief is the foundation of every great campaign as it ensures that all parties know what is expected of them and can work together to make it happen.


Five.  Integrated Campaigns

If you are looking at trying to achieve a successful and lasting outcome for your brand or business you need to think about creating an integrated campaign. Sorry to break it to you but when working with experts, 2 social media posts does not a memorable campaign make. To achieve serious cut through and results, you need to engage your expert across multiple platforms and channels – particularly those that they are strongest in – do they have a stronger broadcast or social profile, does their written work resonate more than video? Are they at their best in an event environment? Your agency should be working with you to uncover how the talent will create greatest impact. 


Six: Let the Talent do what they do best

That means allowing them to communicate with their audience, in the way that best mirrors their brand. There’s a reason why they have an audience that is engaged with them and whilst the best partnerships will allow that audience to engage with your brand as a result of the campaign, authenticity and trust remain key. Don’t ask an expert to engage in something that sits outside of their philosophy. Whilst most won’t do it anyway, trying too hard to spruik a brand message rather than allowing your expert to communicate in a way that their audience will respond to them may not deliver the results you’re after. Work with your talent and their agency to ensure that any messaging or content being created achieves your key outcomes but allows them to engage with their audience in a meaningful way.


Seven: Work together as a team

Successful campaigns are those where the team (that includes the client agency, the brand, the talent and the talent agency) all work together to achieve a common goal. Sometimes things don’t always go to plan but open, honest communication, transparency and understanding all go a long way to finding resolutions when you need to.


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